Creating and maintaining healthy daily habits involves:

  1. Finding out what daily habits contribute to your well-being
  2. Creating a plan that will help you maintain your healthy daily habits
  3. Staying active & doing things that you enjoy
  4. Being aware of your thoughts & how they are affecting you


  1. Learning healthy ways to manage stress.

Finding out what works for you to relieve stress in a healthy way is an important part of staying well. We’re all different, and what works for one person may not work for another. Here are some suggestions:

Engaging in physical activity

Finding ways to use humour

Finding ways for creative self-expression

Learning how to meditate, including deep breathing

Spending time in nature

Doing hobbies or other pleasurable activities

Joining a club

Writing in a journal


  1. Taking care of your body

Trying to make healthy food choices

Seeking natural light every day

Giving yourself enough time for sleep

Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water

Finding regular physical activities that you enjoy

Seeking help to end addictions


  1. Avoiding or quitting temporary fixes that can create other problems, such as:

Excessive consumption of coffee

Alcoholic drinks


Overuse of prescription medication or using medications that are not prescribed for you

Overuse of over-the-counter medications

Street drugs


  1. Making time for yourself

Taking regular vacations and other breaks from work

Reading a good book

Listening to your favourite music

Going for a walk