Workplace Wellness Challenges

Workplace Challenges

Workplace wellness challenges are a great way to encourage healthy living amongst employees. The idea is to gamify health challenges and incentivize team members to stick to their health and wellness goals. Challenges can take many forms depending on which area of health your team members are most committed to improving. Below are some workplace wellness challenges to consider:

Learn to Set Up your Workstation

Complete this online training program to learn the proper way to set up & work at your workstation in order to prevent musculoskeletal disorders & other injuries.

Healthy Lifestyle Check

Complete the Healthy Lifestyle Checklist. These questions are designed to help you understand how healthy your lifestyle is, what health risks you might have (both physically & mentally) & what you can do about it.

Workout at Home

Pick one or more of the following home workouts & practice them regularly for the next 12 weeks: Total Body Toning, Quick Core, No Sweat Lunch Break, On the Go Strength, Stability & Balance & No Running Cardio.

Take the Healthy Eating Quiz

Take this short quiz to find out what foods you could introduce to help you be your best. What you eat or don’t eat affects how you look, feel and perform. Once you complete this healthy eating assessment you will be given personalised recommendations on what to eat.

Participate in Mood GYM

Moodgym is an interactive program designed to help you identify whether you are having problems with emotions like anxiety & depression & learn skills that can help you cope with these emotions.

Introduction to Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness training allows practitioners to develop a deeper understanding of the mind, & a more accepting & compassionate relationship to their internal & external experiences.

Learn how to Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Watch this webinar to learn about proper sleep hygiene and what you can do to get a better night’s rest. In this webinar you’ll learn: What is a good night sleep, things that hinder getting the rest you need & strategies for good sleep.

Learn about Healthy Eating

Learning how to eat well doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. Understanding the building blocks of food & calculating the energy your body needs is a great place to start.

Improving Self- Esteem

This information package is designed to provide you with some information about low self-esteem – how it develops, how it is maintained and how to address this problem. It is organised into nine modules that are designed to be worked through in sequence.

Improving Assertiveness

Being assertive is an important communication skill which can reduce your levels of depression and anxiety and improve your self-esteem. This information package is designed to provide you with some information about assertiveness – what it is, what stops us from being assertive and how to become more assertive. This information package is organised into ten modules that are designed to be worked through in sequence.

Watch Virtual Wellness Program

Learn techniques that can assist in coping with stress & improving the quality of our lives. Learn a simple mindfulness breath & body meditation exercise for stress reduction & deep relaxation, a stress management breathing practice that will help you let go of overanalysing & associating yourself with thoughts and a deep relaxation practice to help reduce stress, improve sleep & cultivate awareness.

Learn Muscular Relaxation

Listen to this twenty-minute Progressive Muscle Relaxation audio to learn how to practice this relaxation technique.

Get Active

A workplace team can strengthen the commitment to get active. Being in a workplace team doesn’t mean you always have to exercise together, though you can. Instead, it allows everyone to see each other’s activity, to encourage each other to move more. It could be towards a goal the team sets itself, or a little healthy competition between team members.

Gratitude Challenge

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Sleep Well Challenge

The 7-Day Sleep Well Challenge Sleep is a pillar of overall health that gets neglected even though falling short effects much more than energy and alertness. Studies link disrupted sleep to an array of health issues, from obesity and diabetes to hypertension, cancer, and depression Join the free challenge for seven days of tips and tricks […]

Hydration Challenge

The 7-Day Hydration Challenge Hydration is key to maintaining our organs and keeping systems in our body operating effectively. It is critical for every function in our body … from eliminating toxins and waste to burning calories to regulating your body temperature. This free challenge is going to help you learn about the benefits of staying […]