EAP Assist Smart Band - Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

Workplace Wearable Technology

As part of our ongoing commitment to the health & wellbeing of employees EAP Assist is making Smart Bands (Fitbits) affordable. Smart Band health, fitness & wellbeing technology has been shown to effectively help prevent illness & encourage healthier lifestyles.

EAP Assist will provide our registered employers with Smart Bands to lease at a one-off fee of $15.00 per unit, significantly reducing the normally prohibitive high up-front purchase & set-up costs. Employers will be able to keep the Smart Bands for this one-off lease fee while remaining financially registered with EAP Assist. (Please see Terms & Conditions below).

Smart Bands encourage employees to actively monitor & manage their health, fitness & overall wellness. When employers put their employee’s health & wellbeing first, they create a workplace culture of engagement & care, while simultaneously increasing their ROI & productivity. EAP Assist registered employers should consider making Smart Bands available to all their employees. Minimum order is 10 units. Colour black.

Employee benefits of EAP Assist Smart Bands include:

  1. Encouraging exercise by goal setting & tracking of up to 14 sports, such as walking, running & gym, helping monitor & adjust exercise intensity for better outcomes.
  2. Encouraging weight loss & weight management through the monitoring of calories expended.
  3. Heart rate monitor with real-time feedback provides information about heart rate activity anytime & anywhere allowing employees a to adjust their behaviour as required.
  4. Managing Stress by measuring stress levels through electrodermal activity indicated through changes in heart rate.
  5. Blood pressure monitoring to detect any unusual activity or anything that could be of concern & to subsequently promptly seek medical advice.
  6. Managing fatigue & burnout by examining falls & rises in blood pressure.
  7. Sleep monitoring with comprehensive analysis of sleep quality data, including duration & consistency, to help adjust & improve sleep patterns.
  8. Sedentary alert reminder to encourage employees to move when sedentary for too long.
  9. Promoting a more inclusive workplace by giving staff some common ground, such as their health, fitness & wellness goals & achievements, to discuss with each other.
  10. EAP Assist Smart Band has USB charging, 12 month warranty & is waterproof (limited to hand washing).

Smart Band Purchase Request Form

Terms & Conditions: Smart Bands will be required to be returned to EAP Assist if & when the employer is no longer financially registered. Smart Bands supplied under lease terms remain the property of EAP Assist but will automatically revert to the ownership of the leasee (employer) after 5 years of consecutive registration.

Instructions: EAP Assist Smart Band (M4)

  1. First fully power up Smart band.
  2. Download “FitPro” App in Apple Store/Android Market.
  3. Following successful connection sync time & date with your phone.
  4. Short press to change functions on the Smart Band and long press to turn off.
  5. Functions:
  • Home page: Display time, date & power.
  • Smart alarm: Set clock in App to cause Smart Band to vibrate.
  • Pedometer: Count daily steps & history in app.
  • Calories: Count daily consumption in calories & history in app.
  • Mileage: Count daily mileage travelled & history in app.
  • Heart Rate monitor: Switch on interface of HRM & save in app.
  • Blood Pressure & Blood Oxygen Monitor: Switch on interface of BPM & save in app
  • Sleep monitor: Open the function of sleep detection & save in app.
  • Sedentary reminder: In band turn on sedentary reminder and set time to vibrate.
  • Drinking reminder: In band turn on drinking reminder & set time to vibrate.
  • Other functions include: anti-lost, message notification, incoming call reminder, shake for selfie & search device.
  • Hardware requirement: Android 4.2 or IOS 8.0 or above.