Welness for managers

Wellness for Managers

Business in Mind is a workplace mental health video resource designed for small to medium size business managers. Stress & poor mental health can have enormous organisational, productivity, social & personal costs, yet managers often don’t have the knowledge or skills to manage these issues effectively or confidently. This video series focuses on the different approaches managers can take to protect their well-being & that of their employees.

What stresses you out? This chapter examines common stressors that business owners face- and how to deal with them.

This video gives advice on how to identify common signs of mental health conditions and looks at the impacts these conditions can have on business.

Business in Mind is an innovative a workplace mental health promotion program designed for small to medium enterprise owner/managers.

Work life balance; we know it’s important for our health, but so many of us struggle with it. This video looks at how we balance business with the rest of our lives.

Importance of positive workplace relationships. This video looks at how to have functional, harmonious relationships within the workplace and with clients.

Positive Growth. This video shows you how to set and achieve your business goals, how to overcome roadblocks, and stay resilient in the face of adversity.

EPISODE 1 – Managing Individuals
EPISODE 2 – Managing Yourself

EPISODE 3 – Managing Culture

EPISODE 5 – Managing Return to Work
EPISODE 4 – Managing Burnout
BONUS EPISODE – Difficult Conversations