EAP Assist conducts live, interactive online webinars free to our registered employers. These webinars allow two-way communication where information can be shared freely, easily and in real time resulting in a rich learning experience. Employers can simply select from the webinar topics below and we will then co-ordinate a suitable date and time to deliver this webinar to your organization. Webinars generally run around fifty minutes. Starter Plan limited to one webinar, Small Pan to two webinars, Medium Plan to three webinars and Large PLan to four webinars per registration year.

Mindfulness at Work

Looking at the seven pillars of mindfulness:

  • Non-judging
  • Patience
  • Beginners Mind
  • Trust
  • Non-striving
  • Acceptance
  • Letting go

Resilience at Work

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from setbacks, adapt to change and thrive despite challenges. Some of what we will we cover includes:

  • What is resilience in the workplace?
  • Why is it even important?
  • Can individuals even become more resilient?

Managing Challenging Clients at Work

Examining the following behaviours:

  • Self-absorbed or entitled behaviour
  • Demanding to the point of bullying
  • Demeaning if not getting their way
  • Lying or misleading behaviour
  • Unempathetic and unremorseful
  • Compulsive or addictive behaviour
  • Emotionally detached
  • Not able to take responsibility and blaming others all the time
  • Controlling behaviour

Self-Care at Work

Topics include:

  • Get regular exercise
  • Sit & stand
  • Eat healthy
  • Make sleep a priority
  • Mange your stress
  • Challenge negative thoughts
  • Connect with others
  • Limit media consumption
  • Practice gratitude and affirmations
  • Set boundaries
  • Take a mindful moment
  • Time management
  • Get outside into nature
  • Show yourself self-compassion & kindness

Respect at Work

Examining the following workplace issues:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Gender-based harassment
  • Psychosocial hazards
  • The law
  • Risks and Impacts
  • Prevention and management