EAP Assist conducts live, interactive online webinars free to our registered employers. These webinars allow two-way communication where information can be shared freely, easily and in real time resulting in a rich learning experience. Employers can simply select from the webinar topics below and we will then co-ordinate a suitable date and time to deliver this webinar to your organization. Webinars generally run around fifty minutes. Starter Plan limited to one webinar, Small Pan to two webinars, Medium Plan to three webinars and Large PLan to four webinars per registration year.

Mental Health

Understanding how mental health fits into the workplace


What is depression and how to support someone with depression


What is anxiety and how to support someone with anxiety

Workplace Stress

Understanding and managing workplace stress


What is self-care and why is it important

Vicarious Trauma

Understanding and preventing vicarious trauma


Understanding and managing workplace burn-out


What is mindfulness and putting it into practice

Diversity & Inclusion

What is diversity & Inclusion and what this means in a workplace setting

Family & Domestic Violence

What is family and domestic violence and safety & support planning

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Understanding substance misuse, drug classes and categories as well as relapse prevention

Time Management

Effective time management


Understanding self-harm and supporting someone who may be at risk

Suicide Awareness

Understanding suicidal ideation and basic risk assessment and management

Understanding Emotions

What are primary and secondary emotions and how to regulate our emotions

Anger Awareness & Management

What is anger, understanding our personal anger and managing anger

Workplace Bullying & Harassment

Building workplace resilience

Conflict Resolution

What is conflict, how to use conflict resolution strategies

Managing Challenging Clients

Understanding behavioural issues with clients and how to manage them effectively

Violence at Work

Understanding workplace violence and how to manage its consequences