Mental Health Webinars


EAP Assist facilitated webinars feature leading experts in their field & cover a wide range of topical mental health issues including anxiety, depression, bipolar, psychosis, trauma, grief/bereavement, addiction, eating disorders, body image, bullying, family violence, Borderline Personality Disorder and more.

Culturally responsive mental health care during COVID-19 and beyond

Working collaboratively to address the mental health of people experiencing chronic pain

Treating a health professional with mental health issues

Working Together to Manage Substance Use and Mental Health Issues

Supporting the Mental Health of Older People Living in the Community

Problem gambling and collaborative mental health care

Self-Care for Mental Health Professionals

Supporting children’s mental health after trauma

The Military Experience and Mental Health: Understanding the Nexus

Coordinating mental health care for people experiencing suicide bereavement

Improving your practice with Better Access’s new Telehealth options

Internet gaming addiction and the effects on mental health

Supporting the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Primary School Children and their Families

Working Together to Support the Mental Health of Families with Pre-term Babies

Working Together to Support the Mental Health of Injured Workers

Working Together to Overcome Challenges of Rural Practice in Mental Health

Mental Health, Parenting, Recovery: an Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion

Collaborative Care and Mental Health of People from Migrant Backgrounds

Principles for Collaboration: Supporting a Young Woman Navigating a Variety of Health Services

Collaborative Mental Health Care to Support a Young Person from a Refugee Background

A Collaborative Approach to Cancer Survivorship and Mental Health

Collaborative Mental Health Care, Older People and Sleep Disturbance

Collaborative Mental Health Care to Support a Young Person from a Refugee Background

Chronic pain and mental health: An interdisciplinary case study panel discussion for general practitioners

Chronic pain and mental health issues

Collaborative care for older people with mental health issues

Perinatal mental health

Collaborative care in mental health and substance abuse

Mental Health and Diabetes

Mental Health and Intellectual Disability

Working to support the mental health of children with an intellectual disability

Tips and strategies in using technology for mental health consultations

Primary Care, Older Persons and Mental Health

Adolescent Mental Health depression, suicidality and cyber-bullying Part 2

Adolescent mental health: depression, suicidality and cyber-bullying Part 1

Working Together to Manage Methamphetamine Use and Mental Health Issues

Making Sense of Veteran Mental Health Presentations

Comorbid Mental Health Conditions in Veterans: Strategies for Assessment, Case Formulation and Treatment

Disenfranchised Grief: Exploring the Impact of Infertility on Mental Health

Working Together to Support the Mental Health of People Who Have Experienced Family Violence

Grief, Loss, Older People and Mental Health: An Interdisciplinary Response

Getting a Good Nights Sleep