Counselling Workbook

Counselling Workbook

This EAP Assist program generates a personalized workbook of tools from your responses to our comprehensive 220 item Problem Checklist. The recommended tools are derived from evidenced-based therapies aimed at addressing social & emotional issues promoting more meaningful & fulfilling lives.

To create your unique workbook simply:

Fill in the Psychotherapy & Counselling Workbook Request Form below.
The comprehensive 220 item Problem Checklist will then be emailed to you to complete.
Our state-of-the-art software program then selects the interactive tools that match your identified needs.
A PDF version of your workbook is emailed to you to complete.
Contact your EAP Assist counsellor at anytime for support & advice in completing worksheets.

When completing the 220 item Problem Checklist please remember to only check off any problems that you are currently experiencing. Then rate each problem from 1=This problem has a minor impact on my life to 5=This problem has a major impact on my life.

The workbook has been designed to help you learn the psychological skills that can best address your problems and concerns. Current research in psychology suggests that people can learn new psychological skills to overcome even long-standing problems, and when they learn these skills, they can make permanent positive changes in their lives.

However, learning a new skill, any skill, requires practice. You need to practice learning to play an instrument, to play a sport, to speak a new language and you also need to practice new psychological skills.

In other words, each worksheet will teach you a new way of looking at and reacting to your problems, but you must practice these approaches, sometimes every day, to really make a difference in addressing your problems.

The worksheets are rooted in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, considered to be the most effective form of therapy for many psychological problems. Cognitive Behavior Therapy, also called CBT, addresses the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you behave. Research tells us that thoughts, feelings and behaviors are all interconnected, so when you make changes in one area, changes in the other areas usually follow.

The worksheets generated are based on your responses to our 220 item checklist in the belief that they will be most helpful in addressing your problems. You can select to work through any of the worksheets in your order of preference and in your own time frame.

Psychotherapy & Counselling Workbook Request Form: