Wellness Audio

Wellness Audio

On this page you can listen to a series of mental wellbeing audio guides to help you boost your mood. You can listen to them privately, in your own time, to help you through feelings such as anxiety or a low mood, sleep problems, low confidence & unhelpful thinking.

Low mood, sadness and depression

In this 10-minute audio guide, Dr Chris Williams talks you through ways to tackle low mood, sadness and depression.

Anxiety control training

In this 6-minute audio guide, Dr Chris Williams introduces how to relax and beat your anxieties, today and in the long term.

Low confidence and assertiveness

In this 8-minute audio guide, Dr Chris Williams discusses how to deal with a lack of confidence and build assertiveness.

Unhelpful thinking

In this 8-minute audio guide, Dr Chris Williams offers simple tips on how to avoid unhelpful thinking that brings us down.

Overcoming sleep problems

In this 7-minute audio guide, Dr Chris Williams discusses common barriers to a good night’s rest and what you can do to create a perfect sleep environment.

Gratitude in Difficult Times

Change your perspective and fight negativity by practicing gratitude.

Coping With Uncertainty Meditation

Feeling anxious about the future? This mindfulness meditation can help.

Eye of the Storm Meditation

Connect to a place of inner calm, even in the midst of chaos or strong emotions.

Body Scan Meditation

Cultivate your ability to be mindful and tuned in to what you’re feeling.

Mindful Breathing Meditation

Harness the power of your breath to ground yourself and regain inner calm.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation

Relieve stress, anxiety, and muscle tension with this simple relaxation exercise.

Guided Imagery Meditation

Use the power of your imagination to quickly relax your body and mind.

Deep Breathing Meditation

When you start to feel overwhelmed, this exercise can help you quickly rein in stress.

Being Kind to Yourself: A Meditation

Learn to counter negative self-talk with kindness and self-compassion.


Stages of Relationships

Living Mindfully on a Daily Basis

Guided Meditation on Loving Kindness or Kindly Awareness

Developing Loving Kindness, Compassion and Forgiveness

Guided Meditation on Mindfulness of the Breath

Dealing with Stress – Taking Care of Your Person

Dealing with Stress – Developing a Coping Plan


Body Scanning

Dealing with Anger

Self Hypnosis


Meeting Deadlines

Resolving Conflict in Relationships

Progressive Muscle Relaxation


20 min Body Scan with John

30 min Body Scan with John

Visualisation for Relaxation

30 min Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Remembering the Good

Relaxation for Sleep



Body Positioning for Stress Release

Balancing Body Sensations

15 minute Mindfulness of Breath and Body