A recent US study looking at 12,312 deaths in the workplace by suicide found:

  1. 77% occurred in males and 23% in females.
  2. 85% occurred in individuals aged 16-64 years.
  3. With the greatest proportion, 23%, in people aged 45-54 years.
  4. Top three job categories with the highest suicide rates among males: farming, fishing & forestry; construction & extraction & installation, maintenance and repair.
  5. For females, suicide rates were highest for workers in protective services; legal & healthcare practitioners & technical occupations.
  6. Lowest rates of suicide were those in the category of education, training & library jobs; office & administrative support & personal care.

Risk factors for suicide includes jobs that:

  1. Are socially isolating
  2. Have lower incomes
  3. Have lower education requirements
  4. Are considered unsteady
  5. Are high-stress occupations
  6. Involve exposure to violent or traumatic events

These findings highlight the importance of community & workplace programs, such as EAP programs, providing education, reducing stigma & delivering targeted suicide prevention efforts, particularly for people working in high-risk industries.