Wellness and self-care may seem like the buzzwords of the moment, but it is true that we are leading lives that seem more and more demanding on our physical and emotional wellbeing. Though we try to resist it, it is a struggle to sometimes keep up with modern expectations and the pressures of daily life.

Whilst it may seem a luxury and something that is at the bottom of your to-do list, it is becoming increasingly apparent that self-care is something that is vital, not a luxury.  Taking time to care for your personal wellbeing allows you to be more creative and more productive and a lot less stressed.  If you are not caring for yourself, you will eventually burn out and have nothing left to give.

Below are a few suggestions that could help you introduce some new self-care habits:

1.   Spend time outside in Nature
Though it may seem cliché, a walk on the beach or getting out among the trees can do wonders.

2.   Pamper Yourself
Make a date with yourself to have a bubble bath, book in a massage or get a manicure.

3.   Eat Well
Give your body the nourishment it needs, including your favourite guilty pleasures every now and then.

4.   Escape the technology, unplug from social media Take some time out and unfollow sites and anyone who does not make you feel good.

5.   Take a short road trip & put on your favourite playlist
Listening to music can really lift your spirits.

6.   Take some time out to watch your favourite shows or movies
Go to the movies and get yourself lost in the experience.

7.   Learn a new skill – Taking time out to learn a new skill or hobby, like knitting or painting, can work in the same way as meditation, as well as giving you a sense of achievement.  Everyone is creative if they give it a go.

8.   Read a book.  We used to read so much more before the invasion of the smartphone!  Why not also join a book club.

9.   Create a travel bucket list
The Dalai Lama said that we should go somewhere we have never been at least once a year.

10. Do something out of your comfort zone
Have you ever wanted to learn how to surf or swim with dolphins?

11.  Find somewhere quiet to meditate or practice yoga.  Other spiritual practices that you might consider could also include volunteering, helping those less fortunate.

12.  Book a weekend away with your favourite people
Life is so busy these days we rarely get to spend time with the people we love the most, whether that is friends or family.  Have a family day out or plan a picnic, spending quality time with significant others.