Anger as an emotion is a tool, and like any tool, you can use it for good or misuse it. Those who are unable to control their anger tend to misuse it. They may show their anger in toxic ways that don’t benefit anyone. They may explode in a rage and end up in trouble. Learning how to manage your anger is always a good thing.

Here are five ways you can manage your anger and learn how to control it:

Work out.

If you’re feeling angry, go on a run or lift some weights. Release some of the energy that’s pent up in your body, and you can feel better as a result.

Think before you speak.

Learn how to show anger without using words that may make the problem worse. You may need to take a timeout and come back when you have a cooler head.

Look for solutions.

If you’re angry at something, instead of letting the anger fester, you should try to solve the problem.

If you can’t resolve your workplace issue alone try

When talking, avoid using accusatory “you” statements.

Instead, use “I.” Show how much you feel about something rather than passing the blame.

Learn how you can relax.

Get yourself a stress ball or listen to some calming music or practice meditation.


Anger is misunderstood, as many do not know how to control it. By learning how to tame your anger, you can learn that it’s a good emotion. Just remember to keep cool.