A generic thank-you message sent through group email won’t do much to keep staff motivated. When it comes to appreciating a job well done, employees want specific and timely feedback from managers according to new research. Employers worldwide are pouring $46bn into employee rewards and recognition programs, yet workers reportedly crave more meaningful ways of receiving praise.

Companies can do better than to give out annual recognition and rewards that fail to specify an employee’s accomplishment. The research found:

  • 23% of employees prefer being recognised during specific instances
  • 64% believe their managers can improve their approach by giving in-the-moment praise
  • 75% claim employee morale would increase if companies praised good work more often

The research also found that 40% of employees believe their managers reward staff members unfairly, with some workers being recognised more than others & 29% claiming they have been rewarded for work that did not truly reflect their efforts.

Companies need to be investing in the right kind of recognition and reward programs that fit both the employees and company’s goals. What employees want is continuous, instant and impactful recognition which reflects the ‘always-on’ workplace culture and the ‘always connected personal life many now have.

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