When you decide to become healthier, it can be difficult to fit exercise into your working life. We all have very busy schedules and sometimes cutting out that time for exercise can seem like a mission. However, scheduling exercise into your working life doesn’t have to be stressful.

Create a fitness plan
Make a schedule and stick to it! It is important to make yourself accountable for your workouts. Simply because it’s easier to bail on a fitness plan, if you don’t make it in the first place. Life can sometimes get in the way of doing things and that is completely fine.


Make your morning commute more active
If you have a busy schedule, make your commute to work your workout. Walk to the office rather than drive or get off public transport one stop earlier to walk the rest. You could also cycle to work instead of driving. There are lots of ways you could fit exercise into your working life. Therefore, your commute could be the perfect place to start.


Find fun exercises you love
You should avoid making exercise a chore as you will become reluctant to workout. Therefore, cater to your likes and dislikes. If you don’t like running, then the treadmill at the gym isn’t for you! You should figure out what exercises suit your taste and lifestyle. Keep trying different things, until you find what is right for you. For example, if you love dancing, try a Zumba class or a SH’BAM class. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, so try and make it fun.


Maximise your time in the day
Don’t have time before or after work to exercise? Then utilise your lunch break to go workout. When you exercise during lunchtime, it can be a fantastic way to re-energise yourself before going back to your desk. Go for a run around the block or go to your local leisure centre for a short class/workout. If none of those are appealing to you, then just go for a brisk walk. It is good for cardiovascular health and your overall wellbeing.


All exercise matters
You don’t have to go to the gym for hours on end every day. However, it is important to incorporate some physical activity into your everyday life. For example, go for a power walk on your lunch break or attend a lunchtime activity class with your colleague. You could even do some desk exercises in the office. Just make sure you do something. Every little bit counts and can make a difference.


Work towards something
If you are struggling to stay motivated with your fitness goals, work towards a fitness achievement. Because if you are unmotivated, you won’t want to fit exercise into your working life. Therefore, it won’t be a priority. So, why not sign up to a racing event like Race for Life, Tough Mudder or the Colour Run. All of which would give you a target to work towards and make you more likely to exercise. You don’t necessarily have to sign up to event, you could simply just be working towards a certain level at the gym or cycling consistently for an hour. Whatever you choose to work towards, make sure it is something that will keep you motivated and passionate about.


To help you on your health & fitness journey maybe use a Fitness Tracker. See: https://eapassist.com.au/digital/wearables/