Parental responses are very important in helping children cope with the aftermath of trauma.


  1. It is crucial not to be angry or blame the child.


  1. Keep communicating. Talk about what is happening and how the child is feeling.


  1. Reassure the child that they are safe and will be cared for.


  1. List and talk to them about the experience. Honest open discussion is usually best.


  1. Some children will require extra encouragement or special attention, particularly at night and bedtime.


  1. Encourage expressions of emotions as they are part of the healing process.


  1. Support the child and allow them time to work through it.


  1. Do things as a family. Make time for rewarding and enjoyable things together.


  1. Keep family roles clear. Don’t expect children to take too much responsibility, but equally, do not become too overprotective.


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