Most of us know that feeling, when work is struggling to hold our attention and we’re wishing we were somewhere else. If we’re lucky, we know the opposite feeling too. The energy and excitement from a job well done, or a challenge we’re keen to tackle.  

While the definitions of ‘engagement’ vary, it’s safe to say we know when we’re feeling engaged in a good way. 

Positive engagement is something many companies strive to foster, and there are ways to feel more engaged by taking small steps in your own workdays too.  

Here we share a few tips to feeling more engaged at work:


Sometimes work can be so focused on tasks and output that we forget it’s about relationships too. Connecting with colleagues isn’t only good for personal wellbeing, it will probably make you better at your job as well, by building trust and communication skills critical to high performing teams.  

Be active 

There is a plethora of evidence showing the benefits of exercise for mental health and brain function. Exercise helps with thinking and healthy sleep, and eases symptoms of depression and anxiety. Taking breaks to exercise at work, or doing so before or after, may well help you to feel more energised and engaged and to think of your work in a new way. 


Boredom is known as a leading indicator of disengagement at work.  If you’re not feeling stimulated and challenged, it can become easy to switch off and feel cynical. A good way to tackle this is to think about what new things you’d like to learn and grow in, and to seek work opportunities in those areas. For example, you could ask your manager for new challenges that are aligned with your interests, spearhead a new business opportunity, or seek out formal professional learning. 

Help others 

There are many opportunities to help others at work, whether it’s assisting a colleague or client, sharing your professional skills with others (through becoming a mentor, for example), or intrinsic to the mission of the organisation. When you’re aware you’re giving your time and intellect in a way that is helping others, work begins to feel more meaningful, which is key to engagement.  

Be aware 

Finally, understanding why you are feeling switched off and restless is the first step to finding a solution for yourself. Be aware of what prompts different feelings at work, and then use that to inspire techniques to reengage.