Building Mental Wellbeing   1. Get healthy: be active, eat well, and get enough sleep
A healthy, well-nourished, and rested body provides the foundation for your mind to function at its best. A balanced diet, making sure you get regular exercise and a consistent bedtime go a long way to helping.
2. Keep learning: challenge your mind and seek out new things
Stimulate your brain and keep it engaged with new ideas and experiences – it could be as easy as doing daily sudoku, taking an online tutorial or listening to an informative podcast.
3. Show kindness: give back, show gratitude, and bring joy to others’ lives
Studies have shown when you do good, it delivers a bigger happiness boost to you than the person you’re helping! Volunteer, help a neighbour or just send a thank you note to someone.
4. Connect more: develop relationships, stay connected, and care for each other
Feeling connected to groups of people and having social interaction is hardwired into our DNA – without it we don’t feel as good. Try spending more time with family and friends, having lunch with co-workers, or just chatting with the person serving you at a café.
5. Take notice: be mindful, stay in the moment, and experience the world around you
Daily life can be busy and stressful. Take a moment to stop and focus on the present. This is called mindfulness and has a powerful effect on your mental wellbeing.
6. Embrace nature: Step outside, connect with the natural world, and take care of the planet
Research proves that spending time in nature has big benefits for your wellbeing. Not to mention other health benefits like building your immune system and lowering blood pressure.

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