The environment in which you work can have a huge impact on employee productivity levels. An uninspiring, drab space can often leave employees feeling low on energy and unmotivated, so make sure your office design boosts those productivity levels rather than dragging it down. Follow these 5 tips when designing your office space to really get the most out of your employees, and your business.
1. Get the lighting right. Poor lighting can make working well far more difficult than it needs to be. A well-lit office with plenty of natural light flooding in from large windows will lead to a workforce with brighter moods and more awake brains, so make sure there’s plenty of light to work with. Desk lamps can help add extra light, but keep the overall lighting and natural sunlight coming in, too.
2. Use colour to improve productivity. It may seem unlikely, but the colours we surround ourselves with can change the way we think and behave. Blue has been said to be the best colour for productivity levels, so consider using shades of blue when painting your office space. Avoid using shades that are too dark or gloomy.
3. Turn the heat up. Particularly during the winter months, a chilly office space can make employees feel depressed, uncomfortably, and even unwell. Keep your staff healthy and happy by ensuring that the space is always heated to the most appropriate temperature. A warmer space will make employees more productive. Be careful not to go overboard, though, as overheating the space can lead to everyone feeling drowsy and switched off.
4. Consider an open office floor plan to make your office space more productive. Separate cubicles and office spaces are a thing of the past – more and more businesses are choosing open office plans when designing their workspace in order to boost productivity. Open offices allow employees to brainstorm more easily, interact with staff members from other departments and share ideas amongst themselves more quickly. Just be sure to keep noise levels at a minimum to prevent too many distractions building up and interfering with work.
5. Choose ergonomic chairs and desks. When buying the furnishings for your office, opt for high quality pieces that will keep your workforce comfortable and healthy throughout the workday. We have a range of desks and chairs that have been ergonomically designed to limit stress on the body and prevent workplace injuries. Choose wisely to ensure that your employees can work safely and stay productive.
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