Too much sitting down is killing people and it is on the rise, according to the latest data. Inactivity is linked to a wide range of diseases including heart problems, obesity, diabetes and certain cancers.

Getting up and moving about, though, is linked to less anxiety, more happiness, positive changes in personality and even improvements in cognitive functioning.

Unfortunately, in just over a decade, adults have increased their average sitting time each day from 5.5 hours to almost 6.5 hours. Among adolescents, the figure has gone from seven hours per day in 2007 to eight hours per day in 2016.

Time spent in front of a screen increased substantially during this period. One-quarter of people said they used their computer outside of work or school for at least three hours per day.

Our environments — the way our cities, our school days and working days are designed — play roles in this behaviour that are difficult to change.

We need to be mindful to sit less and stand and move more whenever possible.