If you’re keen to take steps to shift your workplace into an environment that facilitates happy relationships, here are some tips to getting things started:

  • Respect:
  • Valuing your colleague’s input, ideas and capabilities are integral to a respectful relationship. With that respect in place, you can work collaboratively to find profitable and beneficial outcomes.
  • Mindfulness:
  • This means being aware of, and taking responsibility for, your words and actions in the workplace. This can be a tough one and should be a work-in-progress at all times.
  • Diversity:
  • An openness to opinions and people different to you enables some of the most creative and innovative outcomes possible.
  • Communication:
  • All good relationships rely on open and honest communication. Consider different ways to ensure that communication is strong and streamlined in your team.
  • Trust:
  • With trust, you can be honest and open in your thoughts and actions, knowing your team support you.

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