In order to create a competitive organization employers need to firstly hire good people and then continue to develop their talents through ongoing training.

Employees don’t feel like their boss cares

A new poll indicates that an overwhelming 72% of employees do not feel like their manager cares about their career potential and subsequently can feel disengaged and disconnected from their companies.

Responsible for employee career growth

The poll showed that managers may think they are demonstrating a path for employee career development, but at the end of the day, all employees are looking for is support for job growth and potential. Employees need structured guidance.

Managers need to be proactive in having more frequent conversations with employees about their career goals and the training they need. When employees receive mentoring and help they feel that the company has their back.

At the same time employees also need to be proactive, as well as being encouraged to be proactive, and not wait for the employer to initiate learning opportunities.

Employer resistance

Companies are often reluctant to allow employees to pursue professional development while on the company clock for fear that if an employer spends time and money on helping an employee earn his credentials that this is just preparing them for their next employer.

But paradoxically training is actually a means to retain more employees.

Employee development

According to a prominent employer: “we believe that when one of us gets better, we all get better… and that investing in staff has helped our culture transform to be faster, simpler, more adaptive and customer-focused…and that investing in our employees’ growth and development is helping us deliver on the outcomes we want.”

Get on board with career development

Ironically one of the biggest hurdles is engaging employees in the process. Companies need to find out what employees want to learn and then develop useful curriculum around it and encourage them to uptake such opportunities.

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