With everything happening around us, it may be difficult to find that piece of calm. If your mind races, if you feel annoyed: that’s normal. But sometimes, even under normal circumstances, you just need a minute to inhale and exhale. And in this area, anxiety and dread might be making you breathe faster.

What we may be doing right now with COVID happening, and with the news reinforcing everything we’re seeing, subconsciously taking shallow breaths, whether we realize it or not. When we panic, our bodies crave more oxygen. That’s why, on a physiological level, deep breathing can make a difference.

Breathing techniques don’t have to be complicated. Try the ones suggested below for two to five minutes and see how you feel; the best length depends on the person. Some may feel benefits in only two minutes, others may need more time.

  1. Lie down on the floor. Place a book on your stomach. Now breathe deeply and focus on lifting the book. Try this three times, and when you’re able, build up to five times. Make it a goal to reach seven times. Pace yourself as needed. If you feel dizzy, don’t push it.
  2. Take a long breath over four seconds. Hold that breath for four seconds. Exhale over four seconds. Hold for four seconds. Start over. You can vary the timing depending on what works best for you.

The confines of our diaphragm kind of dictate how far we can inhale the exhale, and so we’re going to be really mindful of that and where our body pretty much physiologically stops. What you’ll also notice is that the mind is going to start slowing down… That’s an indication that it’s working in the correct trajectory.

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