Below are some not so common and not so common suggestions to help with sleep:

Caffeine from Surprising Sources

We all roll our eyes at the insomnia articles that say not to drink coffee before bed. Obviously. However, there are caffeine sources that may give you that caffeine boost that you didn’t think about, like tea or chocolate. Now, chocolate doesn’t have much, and some will metabolize it quickly. However, there are some who keep it in their system for a long time.

The Bed Association

You may find this one on an article about improving insomnia, but it’s important enough to realize. Many people use their beds for sitting down, eating lunch in, and all that other stuff besides sleep or sex. Your mind begins associating your bed with energy, even if you know better. Try not using your bed as much and you can see the difference.

Are You Taking Your Meds Wrong?

If you have prescription meds, taking them at a certain hour could keep you up at night. Read the instructions and the side effects. Will any of them cause insomnia if not taken wrong? See, and talk to your doctor if you’re unsure.

It Could Be Another Disease

If you’ve tried improving your sleep rituals, but to no avail, it may be due to another disease. For example, you could have depression. Depression doesn’t have to be you being sad all the time; it can be more subtle, too. Talk to EAP Assist if you believe you may be depressed.

The following sleep improvement methods are a little more unique than most other.

Work on a Jigsaw Puzzle

If you can’t sleep, get up and do something. One thing you can do is to get out a jigsaw puzzle and work on it in a dimly lit room. A jigsaw puzzle is a challenge, but it’s not very mentally stimulating. Eventually, the hassle of finding the pieces will tire your mind, and you can be able to rest easily.

Doodle a Bit

Grab a pencil or pen and doodle on paper. You don’t have to be super artistic. In fact, you should just let your hand run freely. While you do so, pretend you’re releasing your energy onto the paper and imagine yourself getting more tired than ever before.

Try Sleeping Someplace Else

If you have another bed, or a couch (an occasional night on the couch isn’t a bad thing, but don’t make it a habit,) try sleeping there. Sometimes, changing up your sleep environment is recommended. Sometimes, a new bed can give you a good place to sleep whenever you’re feeling tired.

Watch Something Boring

Every article you’ve read probably discourages screen time and treats it like a powerful drug. Some will even tell you to not look at screens two hours before bed (in today’s world, who does that?) There is truth to it. Screens have blue light, which can destroy melatonin. However, many modern devices have ways to avoid that, and have night modes. Watching a relaxing, boring show could help. Make sure the screen has a setting that filters out blue light and uses warm colours. This way, it won’t hurt you too much. A nature documentary or something else that’s interesting may be good. If you find that it keeps you up, avoid the screens. Otherwise, give it a try.

Take a Bath with Some Rain Sounds

Taking a warm bath is a classic way to unwind you but enhance it a little. Play some rain sounds or other white noise using your phone (again, blue light filters) and imagine yourself drifting through a creek on a rainy day. Ah, so relaxing. Even if it doesn’t knock you out, it’s still fun to envision.

Change What You’re Wearing

Sometimes, you may sleep better if you sleep in the nude. Others find that putting on some PJs can make you feel much better and keep you cozy. Try changing up your sleep wardrobe if you’re unsure. It can help you fall asleep much better than you would think.

Stop Scaring Yourself Online

If you’ve ever researched insomnia, you can read some scary things. Not getting enough sleep can lead to diabetes, mental decline, weight gain, your head exploding… okay, the last one is just exaggeration. The point is that most people aren’t going to see this stuff with a few bad nights of sleep and worrying just makes it worse.

Tell Yourself “It Happens”

Some people will get upset when they have insomnia. They worry they’ll never get a good night’s sleep again and worry constantly about it. This is the infamous vicious cycle of insomnia. You want sleep so much you can’t get it. The solution is to realize that sometimes, insomnia happens. Not every night of sleep is going to be the winner.