Ergonomics is the design and arrangement of equipment to maximise safety while in use is an important part of employee health and safety. Poor ergonomic practices such as incorrect workstation set ups, prolonged sitting or unfavourable positions can lead to musculoskeletal complaints, particularly of the neck, shoulders and back, as well as increased stress. With the typical workspace landscape evolving and more and more organisations shifting to remote work or a hybrid working model, the prevalence of these injuries may be increased. Due to a lack of proper ergonomic set up, the home environment can lead to poor postures and an increased chance of injury. Fortunately, there are practices we can implement to protect ourselves and our team members.

eOfficeErgo is an evidence-based and standard-compliant online training program on the proper way to set up workstations in order to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and other injuries. It is available at: