Below are five simple, small strategies to implement in your workplace to make an impact on your mental health:

1. Create a relaxation space – set up a space at work, with soft lighting and comfortable seating to allow staff to take time out of their day if they need a quiet reset.
2. Nutritious snacks – have a range of nutritious snacks and beverages available, including herbal teas, fruit and breakfast options to keep staff energised and hydrated throughout the day.
3. Screen breaks – always ensure colleagues take their full lunch break and encourage them to get some fresh air. This is really important for a brain break to reduce mental fatigue.
4. Boost communication – promote open communication and strong social connections among team members. To encourage these relationships, organise frequent team lunches and social events to provide opportunities for colleagues to bond beyond work-related tasks.
5. Celebrate achievements – this is really important to boost employee morale. During team meetings, make a point to acknowledge individuals who have gone above and beyond in their roles by giving ‘shout-outs’.