If you have a smartphone, you’re probably well aware that limiting your screen time can be a challenge. Not to mention, spending too much time online can negatively affect your well-being. And if you’ve watched Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma,” you’re familiar that Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest specifically designed these apps to hold your attention for as long as possible. This has sparked a dialogue about the potentially harmful effects of social media platforms and the need for taking an occasional break.

Digital Wellness is about establishing healthy boundaries with social media, particularly on the negative effects on adolescents and adults alike. What “social media boundaries” might look like will vary based on the individual while setting the following boundaries can be helpful:

  • Limit screen time.
  • Unfollow people.
  • Don’t read comments.

Individuals need to be aware of the disproportionate influence of social media on their ideas, attitudes and behaviours, particularly for impressionable youth.