Self-love is the affirmation and appreciation of one’s current state of well-being and happiness. Self-love is the ultimate form of self-acceptance and unconditional positive regard toward the self. Because of this, an important aspect of self-love is self-compassion. Self-compassion is described as focusing on self-kindness, common humanity, and being mindful when faced with negative emotions. It may be difficult but by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with our feelings and emotions, we can feel compassion for ourselves and love who we are unconditionally. 

Practicing self-love and compassion yields many benefits for the overall wellbeing and health. Self-love and compassion act as barriers that prevent psychological diseases and emotional imbalances, which lowers levels of anxiety and depression. When we practice self-love and compassion daily, we can deal with personal limitations and struggles more efficiently by exchanging negative emotions and feelings with kindness. 

There are plenty of ways to practice self-love and compassion… you may be practicing self-love and compassion regularly without even noticing it. If you’re curious or want to learn how to practice self-love and compassion the list below may help you to get started: 

Self-care. Self-care is defined as taking the time and energy to improve one’s own health. It means being deliberate with your time to care and love yourself by indulging in various self-care activities. Activities can simply be taking a shower or bath, sitting in the sunlight, napping or sleeping, and setting healthy boundaries within social interactions. The list of self-care activities can go on as these are just a few of the many activities that harvest self-care – some of which you may already practice.

Moving your body daily. Exercising daily has many health benefits as it aids in weight loss, reduces stress, increases productivity and reduces the risk of metabolic diseases. Exercising doesn’t need to be reduced to going to the gym every day for vigorous exercise. It can simply include light to moderate intensity exercises a few times a week such as taking a walk outside, practicing yoga and stretching. Moving your body can also include basic home activities such as cooking, vacuuming, cleaning and gardening.

Sound nutrition. It is important to remember that eating healthy foods that are good for your body will aid in ensuring that you ‘re getting the right amount of nutrients needed to maintain energy levels. Nutrients help your body grow and repair and assists in preventing diet-related illnesses. 

Being mindful and meditating. Mindfulness meditation is important to help regulate emotions, decrease anxiety and depression, and assists us in being deliberate by focusing our attention to our feelings and actions without any judgements.

Compassion to others begins with kindness to ourselves. As such, we encourage you to be available to practice self-love and compassion, starting with small actions and steps toward your own self-love journey. Without knowing how to love and be kind to ourselves, we will not be able to be compassionate and love others.