Routines have a bad reputation of being dull, boring ruts we fall into overtime. But a lot of routines can actually be really helpful for maintaining both our physical and mental wellbeing. And now that many of our normal routines have been disrupted, it’s become more important than ever to establish routines to keep us healthy, happy and – well – sane.

1.Setting up a regular sleeping schedule and sticking to it. It’s so easy to push your usual schedule back later and later when you don’t feel a real need to get your day started at any particular time.

 2.Creating a schedule that works for all the members of your household. This is not to say that everyone in your house needs to follow the same schedule, but rather that things like work, childcare and household chores are all getting done, with the responsibilities shared fairly.

 3. Drinking water and eating regular meals. When you’re home all the time it’s really easy to eat constantly out of boredom, or conversely, to lose track of time and realize it’s 6 pm and you’ve had nothing to eat or drink all day other than coffee.

 4.Exercise. This is one that people talk about all the time and sounds really great in theory, but in practice may be a bit more unapproachable to some of us

 5.Cycling between hobbies. This simply boils down to filling your spare time with something that brings you joy. And I think an important reminder if you’re looking to take up this routine is that hobbies are just activities you like doing. You don’t have to have to be fantastic at them, and they don’t have to produce some masterpiece of a final product. The only requirement here is that you’re doing something simply because you enjoy doing it.

 5.Meditation or mindfulness practices. These practices can have a number of benefits like anxiety reduction and sleep improvement, and they can be really simple and easy. You don’t have to sit cross legged on the floor chanting “om” for an hour to meditate. Just sitting in a quiet space practicing deep breathing for a few minutes a day is a great place to start.

 6.Checking in on loved ones. Social connection and doing something nice for someone else, especially on a regular basis, is a great way to lift your own spirits and the spirits of those who are close to you.