When faced with difficult life circumstances we often tend to get drawn into negative thinking patterns. Sometimes all we need to hear is the right question as it can change our brain chemistry by increasing possibility, control and motivation. Optimism is not the same as positive thinking, it is a way of thinking that generates hope that things can change and considers the action needed for change to take place. The solution boosters below are based on optimism and work on three areas, goals, possibilities and strategies. See if asking any these questions around the issue your facing helps you to see it in a different light.

· What do I actually want to achieve?
· Which parts of this are up to me?
· How can I make my goal more specific?
· How would I prefer things to be, ideally?
· Who will notice first when things improve?
· What will it be like when things are the way I want them to be?

· How else could I look at this?
· What might I be overlooking?
· Where is the evidence for what I am telling myself?
· What might an onlooker say about this?
· What is my part in creating this situation?
· What can I learn from this?

· What have I done in the past that might help now?
· What is the first step towards achieving what I want?
· What can I do that is different?
· Who else could help me change this?
· What am I doing that has stopped this from getting worse?
· What action will I take tomorrow?