If you are persistently experiencing any of the following signs and they are interfering with your ability to function normally it may be time to seek help.

Changes in your emotions
Feeling depressed, irritable or more angry than usual
Feeling worried, anxious or nauseous
Feeling overwhelmed, tense or on edge
A lack of emotional experience (feeling ‘numb’ or ‘empty’)
Feelings of guilt, hopelessness, exhaustion or worthlessness

Changes in your thoughts
Having more negative, critical thoughts (about yourself and/or others)
Having more worried, anxious thoughts, often jumping to the worst-case-scenario
Difficulty concentrating

Changes in your behaviour
Lack of enjoyment in hobbies
Appetite changes (increased or decreased)
Disrupted sleep (trouble sleeping, or feeling very tired and sleeping more than usual)
Avoiding or withdrawing from things that are important in your life (e.g., work, family or friends)
Consuming alcohol or substances to cope with how you’re feeling