Guarding Minds at Work is a tool for employers to effectively assess and address the psychosocial factors known to have an impact on organizational health, the health of individual employees, and the financial bottom line.

Guarding Minds is available to all employers – large or small, in the public or private sector – for free. The only cost organizations need to consider is in terms of your time, investment and effort to take action on the results.

Guarding Minds includes 3 surveys and links to many free resources to help you measure and improve psychological health and safety at work: 

  • The employee survey. This 61-statement survey asks all employees about work situations and creates a detailed report which highlight the psychosocial factors, hazards and indicators of inclusion, stress and trauma. There are many tools and resources to help take action on the results.
  • The organizational review. This survey asks the same questions as the employee survey but is directed to the senior leadership and decision-making team. It is recommended to do this step before the employee survey to have the results available in the report for comparison.
  • The stress satisfaction scan. This 6-question scan is ideal for teams who don’t have the resources to do the full employee survey. It will provide insight to the levels of stress and satisfaction at work. For more information, visit Understanding the Stress satisfaction scan. 
  • Many tools and resources to help you take action on your results and measure outcomes.

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