2023 is a year for new opportunities and new possibilities, and only you can choose what you want less and what you want more of. Being mindful and clear about what worked out well for us and what we don’t want anymore. It is important to clear the space for new things to come by making peace with all the mistakes we have made and unpleasant things that happened. It is through mistakes that we learn. It is through hardships and unpleasant things, we grow.

When we connect with all the resources and strengths we have, we can start gathering the fuel for our desires and cultivating capacity for achieving what we want. You can start by writing down your goals, or if you are more of a visual person, make a vision board and hold it somewhere where your eyes can catch sight of it frequently.

Probably you have asked yourself this question many times, and probably throughout the years, it was a different answer. In the world we live in today there is an oversaturation of content, information, beliefs, truths, concepts and delusions. It can be really hard to find your own truth and the meaning of your life. We are often pretending to be someone we are not, to fit in society and the picture of a “perfect” life.

But what if you ask yourself right now; What is my purpose in this life? What are my values? Not society’s values, but mine. And if the answer is not coming, try remembering what made you the happiest and fulfilled when you were a child. Usually, when we connect to that innocence and mindless desire, we find there is something we neglected and repressed inside of us, and possibly that is a reason why we are not living our life to the fullest. In order to find the meaning in your life, those suppressed talents, potentials and gifts need to be expressed through you.

A meaningful life is a life with purpose and overall contentment and satisfaction. A life in which we know who we are, what we do and why we do it. A life with strong mental health, vitality & wellbeing. Below you will find 4 suggestions that can help you start finding your purpose and eventually lead you to a meaningful life:

1. Become aware of repeating patterns and blockages
To receive what we want in life, we need to prepare our nervous system and make space for the things that we aspire to accomplish. Our beliefs and repeating patterns are transforming in resonance with our capacity to receive. And to truly become open for the desired; we need to slowly change our negative beliefs, bring awareness to trauma-responses, shift the perspective and shape our life accordingly. You can do an exercise where you explore your conditioned beliefs such as: “I am not good enough” or “I am not worthy of it” and see where are they coming from and are they even yours?

2. Claiming back your power
Do you get triggered, jealous or annoyed by someone else’s success, freedom of expression, confidence etc.? This is what’s called the Golden Shadow, and it represents our submerged, still unrealized potential. The qualities that we admire (but actually resent) in others represent the disowned aspects of our undiscovered gifts. What we subconsciously or consciously project onto others is a reflection of us. Realizing our Golden Shadow can really help us recognize our own beauty, strength, creativity, intelligence, resilience, our own power, potential and success. We can practice to take and reclaim those qualities back to us and allow them to be seen and expressed in the world.

3. Identify your strengths and your potentials
Have you ever actually written down your unique potentials, gifts, talents and strengths? I bet if you start writing right now, you will realize there is so much that you can do and that you are. You are one of a kind and this world needs you just the way you are. You matter and what you do matters. You can also go a bit further and write a story about your life and your achievements. In this way we are honouring and acknowledging our life and our setbacks and comebacks.

4. Visualise your desired life
How would it feel if you were already living your dream life?
How would you move, eat, dress, enjoy, sleep, breathe?
What would your day look like and feel like?
How would you treat yourself if you knew that you were worth it?
How would it feel to live to your full power and potential?