Resilience isn’t only about helping people cope with the negative; it’s also about giving them more room to experience the positive. Being resilient on the job doesn’t mean working nonstop but working smarter. It’s not a matter of endurance, but of focusing on a task and then taking a break to tackle the next challenge in your best physical and mental shape. All of us are constantly in a position where we can cultivate resilience and strive to be mentally stronger, especially during those moments when we have to perform at our best. Here are five tips to help us become more resilient:

1. Establish a morning routine. Starting the day consistently grounds you and gives you certainty and security. Whether you’re working from home or from an office, it’s that consistent routine of how you start your day that prepares you for what’s to come.

2. Take mental recovery breaks throughout the day. Choose moments to reset instead of jumping to the next task or issue immediately. Whether it’s ending a meeting five minutes early or taking a 10-minute walk, these intentional breaks are important to help you reconnect and recover.  

3. Stick to a sleep schedule. Sleep isn’t just about recharging, but also gives you consistency every night. Our sleep routines are the best opportunity to reach into our minds and be able to recover from any of the stressors of the day.

4. Be intentional with the stories you tell yourself. Consider what you tell yourself and the meaning you give to your activities. Stop listening to things that aren’t intentional, because our thoughts are not always helpful or true. Instead, start talking to yourself with thoughts of positivity, optimism, hope or gratitude.
5. Plan ahead. Plan that things are going to go well, but have contingency plans in place in case they don’t. Instead of being surprised by a problem, thinking about things that could go wrong helps manage stress better if you need to react.