Taking time away from our phones and devices can allow us to reset and reconnect. Countless studies have shown us that spending too much time scrolling through our social media feeds can lead to loneliness, social comparison and other mental health challenges.

Our phones have become central to our social interactions and professional networks, so it can be difficult to take a break. But at the same time, taking time away from our phones and devices can provide us with an opportunity to reset and reconnect with ourselves and the people in our lives. Below are some benefits which may be achieved from taking time away from their devices.

More time for the things that bring us joy
When you take a break from your phone, not only do you gain time in your day, but you can also consciously allocate that time to something that brings you immediate joy, like baking a cake, reading a book, taking a bath, going for a walk or even cleaning up. Then, when you go back to your device, you may actually appreciate some of the messages you received a bit more. A break often allows us to appreciate something more, no matter what it is.

Better sleep
Try sleeping without your phone in your bedroom. This allows you to fully disconnect at night when winding down for bed. You may wake up more refreshed and without that looming headache.

Improved focus
Taking a break allows you to focus on accomplishing a set goal — such as completing a project without distractions. This allows you to quiet your life and refocus.

Space for creativity 
Getting off devices may inspire new ideas. Creative ideas are often achieved when off devices, maybe on a nature walk by the ocean or the woods, listening to birds’ chirp, or meeting up with friends. These are the thoughtful and mindful moments when the absence of electronics allows clear thinking.

More energy
Taking a break from mobile devices and social media may increase energy. Constantly staring at a screen and being overloaded with information can be really draining on your mind, body and soul.

Deeper connections
Taking screen and social media breaks is having more quality time with family, pets, garden and so on. This becomes a time of presence, deep connection, active listening and profound bonding in ways that are impossible when the attention is scattered.

Less comparison
Taking a break may reduce racing thoughts and that unsettled mind. Also, you may start to feel more fulfilled that you are not comparing yourself to everyone on social media.

Uninterrupted time with loved ones 
Switching off enables you to be fully present with loved ones without the temptation of checking in. You may also find yourself being calmer and happier.

Ability to take in our surroundings
When taking a break from your smartphone you may really begin see what’s around you — whether it’s the people, the plants, or the animals. Just looking up at the sky can be a fabulous release.

More time to check in
Take a break to read something inspirational, breathe deeply or listen to music. This time allows you to eliminate negative energy, focus on desires and find joy, and better manage your emotions.