There is no right or wrong way to work through grief, the important thing is that you work through it. If you’re struggling to cope with your grief here are five suggestions that may help:

Allow yourself to feel everything 

The first step in the grieving process is to accept the reality of your loss and feel every emotion. You’re likely to experience sadness, anger and possibly guilt and those feelings come in waves. Just be okay with your emotions. It’s helpful to remember that the person you are mourning will always be with you because you always have your own internal experience of your loved one.

Write about your feelings

Writing about your emotions can provide a release and help ease the pain. Just the act of taking your grief out of your head and putting it on paper can be therapeutic. 

Get support

It’s helpful to share your experiences with others who are going through something similar, because it helps to know you’re not alone. Working can be difficult when you are grieving, so it’s important to explain what is going on to your boss and ask for the space you need to recover in your own time. 

Seek out movement 

When we’re grieving, moving our bodies physically can help move the sadness, too. Try to take a healing walk in nature on a daily basis. Getting outside, breathing fresh air and moving your body is great for well-being and helps you get some perspective, so you’re not overwhelmed. You also want to prioritize sleep and eating well, which will support you in staying strong. 

Have a laugh

Laughter is great medicine, so when you’re ready, try watching or listening to comedy or letting a funny friend cheer you up. Humour reminds us that life still goes on, even as we live through tough times.