Even the healthiest of relationships can sometimes use a little extra work. Here are some simple tips to make sure things stay on the right track.

Embrace each other’s differences
“They might be ambitious, while you’re more of a homebody”. This is a good dynamic, since one of you can initiate activity or go out and adventure, while one of you enjoys quiet time and keeps the home fire burning.

Consider their perspective
Be curious about the way they do and see things instead of trying to get them to see things your way.

Solve problems as a team
Work together to solve problems, instead of making each other the problem.

Ask for what you want, and be equally ready to listen to their desires
You may not always agree, but that’s all right. You’re two different people, after all. Being able to find a compromise is key.

Try something new together
If your relationship seems stale or like it’s going nowhere, try taking it somewhere to see what happens. A change of scenery can sometimes change your perspective.

Talk about your goals and dreams
This can help you reconnect and make sure you still share similar hopes and values.

Learn and grow together
At the end of the day, you should trust each other and feel safe together. You should believe in your ability to learn and grow together.