Let us talk about anxiety related procrastination and what it involves. When anxiety infuses with our habit of postponing tasks it can appear to be a huge obstacle we need to overcome. However, having some type of strategy can give us a path out to manage the issue. Here are some tips to navigate it.

1. Create a list of tasks and prioritize the activities. Regularly review this list to ensure you’re concentrating on the tasks and keep them in front of you. Then, whenever you have available time make these tasks on the list a priority.
2. Get started regardless of the sensation of feeling overwhelmed. Chunk the tasks into tiny steps if its required and then move towards that sense of uncertainty.
3. Let go of perfectionism. It is okay to make mistakes along the way and aim for positive outcomes but realise waiting for everything to be perfect can hold us back.
4. Use positive reinforcement by celebrating your achievements. After completing tasks give yourself a reward. Whether it is praise or something else, recognize your progress and successes.
5. Practice relaxation techniques during episodes of anxiety. By engaging in diaphragmatic breathing or some other form of relaxation we can help reduce the anxiety holding us back and improve the probability of us completing the tasks we are putting on hold.
6. Establish a routine to create order and clarity, which should minimize the constant need to make decisions throughout the day, which should free up mental fatigue.
7. Understand procrastination is associated with anxiety and some type of fear of failure or sense of overwhelm. Redirect your energy to focussing on effective tools for managing anxiety.