We all experience moments that irritate us. And although we can’t avoid life’s frustrations, how we react can completely change our mood, perspective and the course of our day. Below are some tips and tools to help reframe and stay calm when feeling frustrated:

List five things you’re grateful for

Practicing gratitude helps when feeling bothered or frustrated. Quickly think of five things you are super grateful for. This exercise can shift you into a more positive mindset.

Step away for a walk

Remind yourself to pause, take a deep breath and walk away from the situation. When you change your physical environment you allow your mind some space to look at the situation from a different perspective. It is important not to react immediately, but to try to find a lesson or improvement you can make.

Put on a “feel good” playlist

Dance to the sound of your ‘feel good’ playlist. Shaking your body, letting go of any tension, and helping your body to release some good hormones, helps to put things in perspective.

Try a 10-count breathing exercise

Consciously stop yourself, recount what you are thinking and start to take deep breaths. As you breathe count to ten and visualize the light going from your feet through your body and out of the top of your head. Repeat this exercise five times, and you may end up in a better frame of mind.

Focus on what you can control

Remember that you may not be able to control the situation, but you can control your reaction to the situation. Gain perspective when you are giving frustration too much agency.

Keep a “frustration list”

Set aside time each day to write a list of the things that are driving you crazy. Putting your irritations on paper makes you feel like you are having a good vent session to a neutral source. It also means the thoughts aren’t running wild in your head anymore. Try to get to the core of why these things may be bothering you and what you could potentially do about it.

Stick a note on your desk that helps you reframe

Create a poster of your smiling face with the words in bold red: ‘STOP IT.’  Keep this next to your workstation where you can easily see it. This may not only help you from feeling frustrated, it may also make you laugh.

Think of one positive thing

It is easy for your thoughts to shift to being negative when stressful situations occur. Try and stop yourself from letting your mind wander in that direction. Try to let go of negative thoughts and focus on something positive, despite how small.