Resilience as your ability to respond to and recover from stress. In other words, it’s how you address stress, plan for recovery, and move forward from challenges or difficulties to take on the next moon shot in your personal or professional life. Resilience is a skill that can be built, practiced and cultivated by our attitudes and behaviours. T.E.A is a way to reflect on the daily and momentary habits and routines affecting your well-being. This activity described below can be done weekly, daily, or multiple times throughout the day as a self check-in to remain focused on what is helpful and useful in that moment.
Learning to differentiate between helpful and unproductive thinking patterns, as our thoughts influence our actions and attitudes. Drawing awareness to our internal self-talk and its impact on us:
Today my mind is …
To refocus I need to …
● What trends do you notice when your thoughts are helpful and useful?
● Are there people, places or things that help you refocus and recenter your thoughts?
● What’s one routine you can use to focus on helpful and useful thoughts?
Observing how we are feeling in the moment, and intentionally investing in activities or people that fuel positive enthusiasm and motivation. Creating an awareness for when we need to take on new challenges or when we need to invest in our own recovery to extend and renew our energy:
Today my energy is…
To change or maintain, I need to…
● When do you have the most energy during the day and what gives you energy?
● How can you align your most important work (whatever that is) with this time of day?
● What (or who) drains your energy and how can you manage or minimize the impact of this?
Intentionally choosing where to place our focus and concentration, while being flexible to adapt priorities in the moment as needed:
To be my best today, I will focus on doing or being…
● What are the three things that deserve most of your attention today?
● What steals your attention that you can eliminate?
● What routines, places, or things that help you focus your attention?