On this page of our website you will find effective Self-Help Programs to support your mental health and wellbeing. You will learn a step-by-step way of tackling feelings of stress, anxiety and low mood with clinically proven techniques and are designed to help you tackle psychological difficulties in a way that is:

Discreet: Programs can be accessed anonymously online.
Convenient: Programs are designed to help you learn practical and effective strategies anytime, anywhere.
Effective: Programs teach clinically proven techniques and have been shown to significantly reduce symptoms.
Free: When referred by EAP Assist.

All of the courses have been:
1. Designed by mental health experts, including world leading doctors, psychologists and mental health researchers from the University of New South Wales and St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, Australia.
2. Scientifically tested and shown to work – 80% of people see a significant reduction in their anxiety and/or depression, and 50% are no longer troubled by their anxiety and/or depression.
3. Designed to help you stay on track, monitor your progress, and get the most out of each lesson with email reminders, a library of extra resources and recovery stories.

To request a Self-Help Program go to: https://eapassist.com.au/treatment-programs/