Knowing your strengths is great but it’s using and enjoying them that really makes the difference. If you already know your top strengths, read on for handy tips and ideas. 
Appreciation of beauty and excellence
Whatever you’re up to, you have a knack for finding beauty and excellence in the world (and people!) around you.
Ideas for channelling your strength of Appreciation:
Connect with nature for at least 10 mins every day.
Start a photo journal.
Share favourite pictures with your friends.
Each night, re-live a special moment from your day.
Start an inspiration file, saving anything that grabs you.
Never one to shy away from a challenge, you speak up for what’s right and have the courage to act on your convictions.
Ideas for drawing on your Bravery:
Do things that are outside your comfort-zone.
Record them in a journal!
Commend courageous acts (even small ones).
Face a situation you’d normally shy away from.
Befriend people who are different (but nice!).
If there’s a better way to do something, you’re bound to discover it! You’re original, adaptive and enjoy thinking outside the box.
Ideas for embracing your Creativity:
Make something, do something, try something!
Write, sketch and stick things in a journal.
Try a new recipe, book, podcast, or hobby.
Create without overthinking or judging.
Spend 10 mins a day brainstorming ideas or solutions.
You love learning about anything and everything. You ask great questions and have a real passion for exploration and discovery.
Ideas for benefitting from your strength of Curiosity:
Learn one new thing each day. Note it down!
Investigate topics that are outside your comfort zone.
Think in questions: what would you like to ask today?
Listen with an open mind.
Dig beneath the surface of what’s around you.
Treating people fairly is a core part of who you are. You’re empathetic, compassionate and give everyone a fair go.
Ideas for using your amazing Fairness skills:
Reflect on any stereotypes you could rethink or let go of.
Look for things you can do to ease pressure and show you care.
Own any mistakes.
Be willing to forgive.
Ensure you’re as kind to yourself as you are to others!
Why hold a grudge? Life’s too short! You excel at forgiving others, shrugging off anger or angst, and moving on.
Ideas for benefiting from your strength of Forgiveness:
Upon waking, spend a few minutes thinking about empathy and kindness.
Practice putting yourself in others’ shoes.
Find win-win solutions.
Learn from challenges.
Keep a self-compassion journal, noting limiting thoughts to let go of.
Come rain or shine, you’re mindful of the good things in your life and never take them, or those you care about, for granted.
Ideas for embracing your strength of Gratitude:
Whenever you can, savour a pleasant experience.
Thank people who make your day better.
Celebrate small successes.
Keep a journal of things you’re grateful for.
If things go wrong, use gratitude to counter negative emotions.
You’re true to yourself and your values. Genuine and down to earth, you’re a ‘straight shooter’ and live in an authentic way.
Ideas for playing to your strength of Honesty:
Trust your instincts.
Look for ways to give honest, constructive feedback.
Write down your top values and keep them somewhere visible.
Honour your promises and commitments.
Dare to be vulnerable by being yourself in all situations.
Optimistic and forward-thinking, you hope for a brighter future and believe you can do things now to influence and achieve it.
Ideas for benefitting from your strength of Hope:
Have a favourite project you work on for 10 mins a day.
Spend time with uplifting friends.
Visualise yourself overcoming challenges.
Create a monthly plan for a ‘want-to’ goal.
Read, watch and listen to inspiring stories.
Oh humble one! You prefer to let your actions do the talking and others value your modesty.
Ideas for embracing your outstanding Humility:
Take pride in your actions, privately noting the things you’ve done well.
Celebrate the successes of others.
And enjoy shared successes!
Let everyone talk in group situations.
Reward yourself when things go well.
You’re quick to laugh and see the light side of situations. You don’t take life too seriously and enjoy bringing smiles to others.
Ideas for enjoying your rad sense of Humour:
Start the day laughing with a funny podcast or news site.
In each area of your life, prioritise play!
Share jokes and funny stories with others.
Check out funny blogs, TV-shows and movies.
Record the humour of your everyday life.
You’re skilled at gathering information, seeing all sides of an issue and staying open to different views and opinions.
Ideas for using your wonderful Judgment:
Spend ten minutes a day researching a topic of interest.
Play devil’s advocate on an issue you have strong opinions about.
Learn from past successes and roadblocks.
Stretch people’s assumptions.
Celebrate making decisions!
Caring and generous, you treat people well and are always willing to help others, even those you don’t know well.
Ideas for drawing on your aptitude for Kindness:
Smile and be friendly.
Reach out to people who seem lonely or stressed.
Enjoy small acts of aroha, like smiling at strangers, letting a car in or surprising a loved one.
Give compliments!
Show a genuine interest in those around you.
In a group, you excel at leading activities, promoting progress and ensuring people feel happy, included and motivated.
Ideas for boosting and using your Leadership skills:
Watch leadership TED talks.
When possible, spend a few minutes planning how you can help a team or group reach its goals.
Facilitate conversations.
Each day, form or strengthen a positive connection.
Learn about inspiring leaders.
When it comes to building close relationships, you’re a bit of a pro! You listen, love and make people feel valued.
Ideas for sharing and enjoying your strength of Love:
Make time for fun with friends.
Take a genuine interest in those around you.
Share positive emotions – like amusement, interest, awe and gratitude.
Hug, surprise, listen, and look out for people.
Look after yourself too!
Love of learning
When it comes to learning you’re in a class of your own! No matter what you’re up to, you love picking up new skills and information.
Ideas for embracing your Love of Learning:
Add a brief burst of non-fiction reading to your daily routine.
Learn about those around you.
Choose a hobby and try one new thing a week.
Discover new words and use them at least once.
Follow an ongoing global event.
Whatever the project, you work hard, avoid distractions and complete what you start… usually on time, too!
Ideas for channelling your powers of Perseverance:
Break big goals into small steps.
Celebrate your progress.
Each day, prioritise your three most important tasks.
Learn about people who’ve used perseverance to defy the odds.
When busy with a task, take small, regular breaks.
You have the ability to see and understand the big picture. People value your opinion and often turn to you for wise advice.
Ideas for using your strength of Perspective:
Start each day by reflecting on your ideal outcomes.
Check out talks and articles by inspiring people.
Write down inspiring quotes.
Reflect on ideas and challenges and find the best next steps.
When asked, provide thoughtful advice.
A planning legend, you’re careful, measured and well-considered. You don’t say or do things you might later regret.
Ideas for using your amazing Prudence:
Each day, write questions you need answers to.
Seek reliable information and wise counsel.
Plan ahead.
Where possible, examine situations before acting.
Make time for friends and spontaneity – and just enjoy the moment.
Self Regulation
Discipline-personified! You actively choose what you feel and do, and have amazing control of your appetites and emotions.
Ideas for benefiting from strong Self Regulation:
Schedule key tasks for when you’re most alert.
Celebrate small wins.
Set a weekly health or lifestyle goal and stick to it.
When needed breathe, stretch and get 10 mins outdoors.
Mix things up occasionally, with small simple changes.
Social Intelligence
Ever intuitive, you have a strong understanding of peoples’ motives and feelings and know just what to do to put people at ease.
Ideas for enjoying your Social Intelligence:
Be guided by your empathy and intuition.
Smile and make eye contact to put people at ease.
Ask questions, listen well.
Notice and enjoy positive interactions.
Make a time each day to focus on your feelings of kindness and gratitude.
You gain comfort and guidance from your beliefs, feel connected to a higher purpose and know where you fit in the larger scheme.
Ideas for using your strength of Spirituality:
Cultivate sacred moments to “just be”.
Make time for prayer and meditation.
Do what you can to help those who are less fortunate.
Seek meaning in difficult situations.
Each day do at least one thing that gives you purpose.
You are the ultimate team-player! You always do your share and work hard to support the team’s success.
Ideas for using your next-level Teamwork skills:
Share your knowledge and skills.
Help a friend, workmate or family-member achieve a goal.
Celebrate others’ contributions.
Volunteer for a worthy cause.
Share articles on topics people might be interested in.
Never one to do things half-heartedly, you approach each day with excitement and energy, and see life as a great adventure.
Ideas for maximising your Zesty prowess:
Start your day with music, exercise or something that boosts your mood.
Each month, aim to tick something off your bucket list!
When you can, get active outdoors.
Prioritise sleep and rest.