Mindfulness is defined as simply being purposeful and present in your head and workspace. It can be described as an inward and outward awareness of yourself, others and your surroundings. Mindfulness is about being intentional. When you practice mindfulness at home or mindfulness in the workplace, you’ll be a better version of you.

People who try to multi-task are less effective when they focus on two or more tasks than they would be if they focused on one thing until it was done. This is where “mindfulness” comes in. People who have been trained in “mindfulness” say that they become more aware of how their own mind works. They see how their own filters impact perceptions and therefore the decisions they make.

When they learn to keep these filters in check, they are more willing to listen and learn from others. They become more aware of their own preconceived notions and become receptive to a greater set of possibilities that they had not considered before. Mindful people have learned to focus on one task at a time. In that sense, mindfulness goes way beyond “thinking outside the box” to not even having a box to begin with. Mindful people seek the best solution to whatever problem they might have.

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