Psychosocial hazards can exist in every workplace, in every industry, every day. The release of the Managing Psychosocial Hazards at Work Code of Practice 2022 (the Code) along with amendments to the Work Health and Safety Regulation, are important steps in keeping workplaces safe, healthy and productive.

The new code and regulations will raise awareness of existing duties and provide clarity and certainty for duty holders about their obligations under the Act to ensure psychological health risks are eliminated or minimised.

The harm created by psychosocial hazards and risks varies, and the effects are not always obvious. It can be a single event involving one or more psychosocial risks, such as exposure to a traumatic event by an ambulance officer. It can be a combination of psychosocial risks that accumulate to create frequent, prolonged or severe stress responses, such as organisational change with poor supervisor support and low role clarity.

Looking for practical resources to support your managers and leaders? Download the Mentally healthy workplaces toolkit for tools and resources that you can use to create and maintain a mentally healthy workplace. The QLD Code commences 1 April 2023 with other states soon to follow.

Psychosocial hazards at work: