As of July of this year, two in five Australians are working from home – either part-time or full-time – and study data gathered shows that hybrid working has produced some impressive benefits.

The monthly study tracks improvement in people’s wellbeing and productivity and includes feedback from 400 Australians each week. And the latest results show the number of people who think hybrid working has created a positive impact on their work productivity has risen from 38% in 2020 to 72% in 2023.

The work model has also had a dramatic positive impact on people’s personal relationships, personal mood and also mental health, the figure for the latter having risen from 31% to 64% over the same period.

People generally operate best when they have autonomy, trust and belief. Hybrid working gives them the best possible opportunity to, firstly, be happy and healthy citizens and good in their communities, but also, as a result of that, perform their roles well. Normally happiness equals performance, and performance equals productivity and hopefully profitability.

The way our people come together in the office now means that it’s they come to have fun and human interaction, and our workplaces are becoming almost like collaboration zones where you cross-pollinate, where diverse teams come together, where you come to work for an event, or for an experience.