Do you ever get to the end of the workday and feel that it has been a very unproductive one? That you’ve had so much on you’ve struggled to prioritise your time and haven’t got half as much done as you should have, or that feeling of forgetting to do something important?

There’s a common saying; “I work well under pressure”, however when we feel like were organised, managing our time well and keeping on top of our work; we feel content, healthier and all together less stressed. Productivity is never an accident it’s the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort. Here are five tips for a more efficient and productive work life:
Make to-do lists
It’s really important to take five minutes at the end of your day to note down your tasks for tomorrow. When you come into work the next morning, instead of the usual “where do I start”, you can get straight to your list and save some serious procrastination time.

Stay organised
Ring binders, electronic folders, post-it-notes and dividers should be your best friends at work. Organisation is key – the more organised your files and documents are, the more efficiently you’ll be working.

Take a break
Sitting staring at your computer for hours is not going to achieve anything. If you’re having a mind blank get up and take a break from your screen for five minutes. Go grab a drink or step outside and get some fresh air – it’ll make a big difference.

Eat frequently and well
Keep your brain properly fuelled with healthy foods throughout the day, for example a fruit and nuts will keep your energy levels up better than a chocolate bar will – choose wisely to keep your productivity up.

Big rocks first
The biggest tasks tend to be the most time-consuming and difficult and we always tend to leave them till last minute. Complete your big rocks first and then fill in the pebbles and sand around them by forward planning your week – leave your smaller tasks till later.