One often forgotten component of overall optimal health is our emotional health. Our feelings have important implications for how we view ourselves, our relationships and the world around us. This ability to maturely face and express these feelings can help us to meet life’s challenges without becoming overwhelmed or hopeless and without the need to dominate and force those around us.

Emotional Wellness emphasizes an awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings. It includes the ability to adjust to the various obstacles one may encounter in life, the development of autonomy, the ability to realistically assess one’s limitations and the maintenance of satisfying relationships.

Take this quick Emotional Wellness Quiz
1. I have a sense of fun and am able to laugh at some of the situations I find myself in?
2. I don’t judge others based on my expectations of them?
3. I generally face problems directly?
4. I cope with change effectively?
5. I have a positive self-image?
6. I can speak up for my needs?
7. I do not hold grudges?
8. I have several people in my life that I can count on for support?
9. I am generally optimistic about my self and the future?
10. I can effectively express both my positive and negative emotions?
Total ______
If you achieve a score of 8 or less there is room for improvement using the tips below.

Ten tips for Building Emotional Wellness
1. Recognize the types and strength of the various feelings related to various situations
2. Develop a realistic attitude about what you and those around you can achieve
3. Develop supportive relationships
4. Take care of your physical health – get appropriate sleep, exercise and nutrition
5. Practice positive thinking and self-talk in the face of difficult challenges
6. Be respectful of other’s ideas, opinions and talents
7. Be flexible
8. Learn to give to others
9. Keep a sense of humour and learn to play
10. Keep a gratitude journal