Finding out who you are is a complex and ongoing process that can take a lifetime. It involves self-reflection, self- awareness and personal growth. Here are some strategies that can help find out who you are:

1. Self-reflection- take time to think about your values, beliefs and priorities. Its important to ask yourself questions such as ‘What do I value in life’ ‘What are my core beliefs and principles?’ ‘What are my passions and interests” ‘What makes me happy and content”
2. Explore your interests by engaging in different activities, hobbies and experiences to better understand your likes and dislikes. Trying new things can help you discover what you are passionate about.
3. Seek feedback- ask family, friends or trusted individuals for their perspective on your strengths, weaknesses and personality traits. Sometimes others can offer valuable insights.
4. Journalling- writing about your thoughts, feelings and experiences regularly can serve as a powerful self-discovery tool. Patterns and insights may emerge over time.
5. Self-awareness- pay attention to your thoughts, emotions and reactions in various situations. Mindfulness practices such as meditation can help you become more aware.
6. Learn from life experiences- train yourself to view setbacks as opportunities for growth and not being a failure. Accept that challenging times and setbacks are a part of the journey and can be a source of learning.
7. Identify your core values and principles. These are the guiding beliefs that shape your decisions and actions.
8. Set short term and long- term goals. Your aspirations can provide clarity on your desires and priorities.
9. Connect with your identity by considering your cultural background, heritage and personal history. Understanding your roots can be an important part of your self-discovery.
10. Embrace change. Keep in mind that your sense of self is evolving. Be open to change and growth as you discover yourself.
11. Be patient- self-discovery is a lifelong journey and its ok not to have the answers immediately. Embrace uncertainty and enjoy the process of getting to know yourself along the way.