Some common signs of work depression:

  • withdrawal or isolation from other people
  • poor self-hygiene or significant change in appearance
  • late arrival at work, missed meetings, or absent days
  • procrastination, missed deadlines, reduced productivity, subpar performance in tasks, increased errors, or difficulty making decisions
  • seeming indifference, forgetfulness, detachment, and disinterest in things
  • an appearance of tiredness for most or part of the day (may be taking afternoon naps at work)
  • irritability, anger, feeling overwhelmed, or getting very emotional during conversations (may start crying suddenly or become tearful over trivial things)
  • lack confidence while attempting tasks

What you can do if you feel depressed while working

  • Take a 5 to 10-minute break away from your desk or office.
  • Take your lunch break outdoors.
  • Go for a quick walk during a break — even if it’s indoors.
  • Practice a few minutes of mindfulness meditation.
  • Incorporate deep breathing exercises into your day.
  • Say no to those tasks that allow you to experience less stress
  • Listen to a funny podcast or your favourite music.
  • Talk with a work colleague.
  • Challenge negative thinking and replace every negative thought with three positive thoughts.
  • Practice gratitude.