Frustration is an emotional response that you often associate with anger, annoyance and disappointment. It often comes about when you feel that you are being blocked or denied from achieving a goal or task. The two types of frustration are:
Internal frustration – is where you feel you are not able to meet personal goals, desires, needs or if you feel that your not doing things well or the way you want too.
External frustration – is often outside of your control such as people or things being in your way, difficult tasks or the perception of wasting time.
The many ways of dealing with frustration can include:
·        Going out for a walk, get some fresh air
·        Exercising
·        Debrief with a friend
·        Use positive affirmations or visualisation
·        Spend time becoming aware of your thoughts
·        Look for solutions not problems
·        Write out the problem to get a different perspective
·        Box breathing
·        Meditating
·        Take it out on a punching bag
·        Get curious about your feelings & ask yourself where is this coming from
·        Release it mentally and physically
Remember that frustration is part of life, it is important to have a plan when you feel frustrated so that you can deal with it in a positive, constructive way that does not make matters worse. Also remember that frustration is a choice, no one can make you feel a certain way, you have control over your response and frustration is just one of many responses.