Below are some tips to assist your staff when dealing with difficult clients:

1. Discuss the types of customers that you may encounter ahead of time
What are some of the common complaints that your staff may face? Share past experiences with each other and prepare answers and solutions ahead of time. Preparation allows your staff to feel more confident in dealing with these difficult customers, and not absorb their negativity.

2. Teach your staff how to keep their composure, be assertive and know exactly what it is they want to communicate
Help them to get comfortable with those customers who need to vent and express themselves – however, assure them that they do not need to tolerate abuse.

3. Help your customer to feel more in control
Start with your body language. Have you ever been in a hurry and talked without looking directly at the other person? What message does that convey? Talk to your staff about the importance of facing the person, making eye contact and being in the moment. Treat each person as if they are all that matters and help them to problem solve their difficulties. Remind your staff that it is hard to be difficult with someone who makes them feel special.

4. Take a walk
What does the atmosphere convey? Is it comfortable, peaceful and engaging, or is it chaotic, noisy and crowded? Though the “extras” may seem unnecessary in accomplishing the business of the day, to decrease the incidence of difficult behaviours and negative attitudes make your workplace a visual, auditory and aromatic haven in the customer’s hectic day.

5. Dealing with difficult customers requires extra energy and focus
It is essential that your staff take care of themselves. Ensure that they are taking frequent and adequate breaks. Encourage them to eat properly to control mood swings and to feel more energetic, and to cut out caffeine, which heightens our responses and makes us more sensitive to those around us. Help them to lighten up and to have fun. Create an environment that your staff wants to return to – not one that they are dreading or a place where they are just putting in time.

When Dealing with Difficult Customers Is Import to Reduce Negativity
Empower your staff by helping them to problem solve various scenarios, provide a calming and respectful environment for your customer and your staff, encourage healthy practices, and develop a sense of fun. By using these simple tips, you may be able to diminish the difficult behaviours presented by your customers and reduce the toxic impact on your staff.