Here are some suggestions how you can generate the courage and determination to create hope in your life:

Limit your news intake
When was the last time you read the news and ended up feeling upbeat, elated and positive? It’s up to you how much news you let into your life and by limiting that down as much as possible, you should notice a more positive outlook.

Look for meaning in the most challenging moments
When things get tough and too much for us, take a step back, take a breath and look at the reason behind what you are doing.

Don’t be too hard on yourself on the tough days
Everyone has bad days. Be patient and kind to yourself. Bad days don’t last forever.

Speak kindly to yourself
Give yourself some credit. Stop negative self-talk and limiting beliefs of yourself.

Spend time in nature
We sometimes forget that we are human beings and are not built to be plugged in all the time. Spending just 20 minutes a day in nature could change your outlook on life, improve creative flow and help awaken your brain.

Hope isn’t easy, the world may feel like a dark and difficult place to be in right now. The news and media flood us with stories of violence, greed and scandals, lacking hope and compassion. We can sit by and wish for a better world, or we could make it our moral obligation to act on hope in order to confront pain and despair. For hope to succeed, we must do more than just apply hope to our thoughts. Hope is an active process that we can control when everything feels out of control, it is the process we can trust when trust itself is uncertain, and it is the necessary action to take when all else seems unnecessary.